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Nimbus - Open Source Cloud Computing Software - 100% Apache2 licensed
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Latest commit 0e92993 @priteau priteau Restore COPYING file with Apache License 2.0
This partially reverts commit 61fa579,
except the GPLv3 COPYING file is replaced by the Apache License 2.0.

@ketancmaheshwari <> reported a failure to
build Nimbus in a Ubuntu 12.04 environment because of the removal of the
COPYING file, which is apparently expected by the configure program.

Closes #124.
Failed to load latest commit information.
.idea-modules Other IDEA modules should see these libs transitively
.idea Update to junixsocket 1.4 and bump version number
authzdb Addition of ability to shutdown vms added to nimbus-admin
autocommon Change CertDN to print Subject DN strings similarly to Globus
autoconfiguration Adjusted autoconfig to use nimbus-nodes
cloud-client Prepare for cloud client 022 release
control Retry once if it fails with an exception
ctx-agent Filter command output
ctx-broker adding an example entry to the ctx broker usermap
cumulus Restore COPYING file with Apache License 2.0
docs s/nimbus-ctx-agent-2.3/nimbus-ctx-agent-2.3.0/g
home Make Nimbus run again on OS X
lantorrent Fix a small typo: s/recieved/received/
lib Make Nimbus run again on OS X
libexec Download file with curl if wget fails
messaging Add missing space in UPDATE_SSH_KEY SQL statement
metadata/java/source lib/workspaceservice is for jars in lib/services that are only used b…
monitoring/nagios setting all of the permissions back where they were.
pilot Bump controls and ctxbroker version
query New Query General module, used by both Restbroker and EC2-Query
scripts Bump controls and ctxbroker version
service-api/java/source Fix wrong class name in Repr configuration
service Increase waits from 2 to 10 seconds on spot05
tests Install pexpect in the test virtualenv
web Add an option to remove the webapp user
.gitignore Make Nimbus run again on OS X
README.mkd Trivial commit to test Jenkins
install Remove unused code



Open Source IaaS Cloud Computing Software

Check the online documentation for full details on installing and configuring:

Run this command to build, install, and configure Nimbus to a specified path:

./install /path/to/destination

Note: This is an interactive program, you will be asked a few questions at the end.

To upgrade from an existing Nimbus installation, visit the current upgrade guide to learn how to use the install-from command.

Advanced users may also want to build and deploy to an existing GT4.0 container. Refer to the readme and scripts in the scripts/ directory for more information.

Note that the most recent activity in this repository will usually be in branches.

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