Nimbus - Open Source Cloud Computing Software - 100% Apache2 licensed
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priteau Restore COPYING file with Apache License 2.0
This partially reverts commit 61fa579,
except the GPLv3 COPYING file is replaced by the Apache License 2.0.

@ketancmaheshwari <> reported a failure to
build Nimbus in a Ubuntu 12.04 environment because of the removal of the
COPYING file, which is apparently expected by the configure program.

Closes #124.
Latest commit 0e92993 Sep 18, 2014
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.idea-modules Other IDEA modules should see these libs transitively Nov 16, 2011
.idea Update to junixsocket 1.4 and bump version number Feb 22, 2013
authzdb Addition of ability to shutdown vms added to nimbus-admin Oct 4, 2011
autocommon Change CertDN to print Subject DN strings similarly to Globus Jun 19, 2012
autoconfiguration Adjusted autoconfig to use nimbus-nodes Nov 3, 2010
cloud-client Prepare for cloud client 022 release Oct 2, 2013
control Retry once if it fails with an exception Jun 7, 2013
ctx-agent Filter command output Aug 7, 2013
ctx-broker adding an example entry to the ctx broker usermap Jul 13, 2011
cumulus Restore COPYING file with Apache License 2.0 Sep 18, 2014
docs s/nimbus-ctx-agent-2.3/nimbus-ctx-agent-2.3.0/g Aug 25, 2014
home Make Nimbus run again on OS X Jun 17, 2014
lantorrent Fix a small typo: s/recieved/received/ Jun 8, 2012
lib Make Nimbus run again on OS X Jun 17, 2014
libexec Download file with curl if wget fails Sep 17, 2014
messaging Add missing space in UPDATE_SSH_KEY SQL statement Mar 28, 2013
metadata/java/source lib/workspaceservice is for jars in lib/services that are only used b… Jun 10, 2011
monitoring/nagios setting all of the permissions back where they were. Sep 23, 2010
pilot Bump controls and ctxbroker version Feb 27, 2013
query New Query General module, used by both Restbroker and EC2-Query Jun 10, 2011
scripts Bump controls and ctxbroker version Feb 27, 2013
service-api/java/source Fix wrong class name in Repr configuration Apr 1, 2014
service Increase waits from 2 to 10 seconds on spot05 Jul 31, 2013
tests Install pexpect in the test virtualenv Jun 18, 2013
web Add an option to remove the webapp user Jun 21, 2012
.gitignore Make Nimbus run again on OS X Jun 17, 2014
README.mkd Trivial commit to test Jenkins Sep 12, 2011
install Remove unused code Sep 17, 2014



Open Source IaaS Cloud Computing Software

Check the online documentation for full details on installing and configuring:

Run this command to build, install, and configure Nimbus to a specified path:

./install /path/to/destination

Note: This is an interactive program, you will be asked a few questions at the end.

To upgrade from an existing Nimbus installation, visit the current upgrade guide to learn how to use the install-from command.

Advanced users may also want to build and deploy to an existing GT4.0 container. Refer to the readme and scripts in the scripts/ directory for more information.

Note that the most recent activity in this repository will usually be in branches.