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Nim bindings for Vulkan, the API for access to graphics and compute on GPUs.
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vulkan Build Status

Nim bindings for Vulkan, the API for access to graphics and compute on GPUs.

vulkan Logo


This package contains bindings to Vulkan for the Nim programming language. Vulkan is a unified specification that minimizes driver overhead and enables multi-threaded GPU command preparation for optimal graphics and compute performance on diverse mobile, desktop, console and embedded platforms.

Supported Platforms

This package was last built and tested with Vulkan The bindings currently support the following platforms:

  • Android
  • Linux
  • Windows


Download and install the latest Vulkan SDK from the Khronos download page.


This package does not have any dependencies to other Nim packages at this time.


Import the vulkan module from this package to make the bindings available in your project:

import vulkan


Please file an issue, submit a pull request or email us at if this package is out of date or contains bugs.


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