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Game sandbox for a strategic space game inspired by some old board games.
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Game sandbox for a strategic space game inspired by some old board games.

I've been looking at Unity with a couple of friends from work. We're all pointed in slightly different directions but working together to find our way around the package.

I've put together some prefab assets to support what I'm aiming for and now I'm looking at adding in some code to instance these and start adding in interactivity.

The stars.unity scene loads up a disc of randomly chosen stars. More adjustments to come in frequency and the beginnings of laying in planetary system information and such.

Set the number and frequency to get closer to what I want. I still want to adjust the generation algorithm to better ensure that the distribution is fair to the entry points. Next step will be planet generation. Going to be abstract with four levels of habitability, some resource advantages and a variable limit to available space. I'll need to add in some UI and perhaps visual indication at the stars to make this interesting. I'll also probably add the ability to switch to several pre-selected camera positions on request...initial usability work :)

Daydream VR support is now working. I still need to work with the pointer and make that behave as expected. I'll probably take a look at adding vive support next though.

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