Simple tool to dump an Oracle schema and data
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The OracleSchemaDumper is a simple Java tool that dump the DDL and partial DML for specified schemas (users) from an Oracle database. More specifically it currently dumps this info (in this order):

  • user creation SQL statements including permissions
  • table creation SQL statements in the correct foreign key order
  • SQL statements to create views, indexes, sequences, procedures, functions
  • INSERT statements for all rows of specified tables

All these statements use the / character as the delimiter in order to make the SQL file usable via Sql*Plus.

The database user that is used to run the tool, has to have SELECT permissions on these system tables:

  • all_users
  • all_constraints
  • all_objects
  • all tables for which INSERT statements should be generated


Usage: OracleSchemaDumper [options]
    -d, --data-tables   Names of the tables for which data shall be exported, too
    -f, --file          The file to write the DDL SQL to; stdout if not specified
  * -j, --jdbc-url      Database jdbc url
  * -p, --password      Database password
    -s, --schema        Database schemas to export; if not specified uses the schema for the database user
  * -u, --username      Database username

Known limitations

The tool currently cannot handle circular foreign key dependencies between separate tables (self references are fine).

The tool currently will export binary and BLOB/CLOB columns as if they are strings, which can cause illegal characters or too-long strings to be present in the generated INSERT statements.