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a progress view used to grade mobiles phone
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a progress view used to grade mobiles phone

#System Requirement

Android API 11+, Because of the use of ValueAnimation, if you want use it on API 8, please use NineoldAndroids library in your project.


    gradeProgressView.setProgress(100);                 //without animation
    gradeProgressView.setProgressWidthAnimation(100);   // with animation
    gradeProgressView.setBackgroundColor(Color.LTGRAY); //set background color
    gradeProgressView.setProgressColor(Color.WHITE);    //set progress and pointer color
    gradeProgressView.setLineWidth(60);                 //set the progress width
    gradeProgressView.setGapWidth(30);                  //set gap between out line and progress line
    gradeProgressView.setOutLineWidth(5);               //set out line widht
    gradeProgressView.setOnProgressChangeListener(new GradeProgressView.OnProgressChangeListener() {
        public void onProgressChanged(GradeProgressView gradeProgressView, int progress) {
            Log.i("GradeProgressView test", "on progress changed: " + progress);
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