Wireless Community Map Server
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WNMap: Wireless network map display


 WNMap is a wireless network map display based on Google and Yahoo! Maps.  Once
 installed network "nodes" can be added to the map's database and can be shown
 for web visitors.  WNMap provides at-a-glance knowledge of the size of a
 wireless network project.


 * display your project's network infrastructure with a simple-to-use interface
 * themeable display allows you to brand your WNMap site as you wish
 * most map features are supported in all "modern" JS-enabled web browsers
 * extremely easy to install (if it's not, see the SUPPORT section below)


 Web server (Apache recommended): http://httpd.apache.org/

 PHP 4 or greater: http://www.php.net/

 MySQL 3.23 or greater: http://www.mysql.com/

 Google Maps API key: http://www.google.com/apis/maps/

   Google Maps requires users of its web services API to provide a key given
   to those who have registered for use of their service.  Register for your
   API key at Google Maps API URL above.

 Yahoo! Maps Application ID: http://api.search.yahoo.com/webservices/register_application

   Yahoo! Maps requires users of its web services API to provide an application
   ID which uniquely identifies your instance of WNMap.  Register for your
   application ID at the Yahoo! Maps Application ID URL above.


 1. Create a WNMap MySQL database using 'sql/create-tables.sql'.

 2. Copy the entire contents of 'web/' to a directory served by HTTP.  Note
    the URL that you will be accessing the application from.

 3. Register for a Google API key and Yahoo! app ID with your URL.

 4. Edit 'config.php.dist' in your web directory and rename it to 'config.php'.


 Please send questions, bugs, patches, etc, to the wnmap-devel mailing list
 reachable through http://wnmap.sourceforge.net/, so that everyone can see


 WNMap is currently maintained and supported by:

   Chase Phillips <shepard@ameth.org>

 This software was originally developed for SeattleWireless by:

   Eric Butler <eric@extremeboredom.net>

 Much of the website and structure of the introductory documentation was taken
 from The BuildBot project (http://buildbot.sourceforge.net/).