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Diffusion MR Imaging in Python
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Merge pull request #686 from MarcCote/fix_cosinemetric_unitest

MRG: Make buildbot Python26-32 happy

`dipy/segment/metricspeed.pyx` calculates the angle between two vectors in a C-ish loop.  The test we use to check the results uses `` to do the same calculation.   On 32-bit machines, there appear to be small floating point differences in the result of `` compared to the simplest possible element by element product followed by sum, giving small errors when calculating the angle of a particular vector with itself.  Silence these by allowing small differences between the Cython result and the result of the `` calculation.
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dipy Merge pull request #686 from MarcCote/fix_cosinemetric_unitest
doc DOC: add missing blank lines in tutorial
fake_pyrex/Pyrex BF - really horrible workaround for Cython distutils monkeypatching w…
scratch RF: SGD => SPARSE-NNLS
src BF: moved cythonutils.h to src directory
tools RF: adapt dipy test runner to possibility of mpl
.coveragerc TST: Make travis look at test coverage.
.gitattributes RF - use to fill setup information
.gitignore NF: write with compile variables
.mailmap added other emails
.travis.yml RF: add matplotlib rc file to disable figures
AUTHOR changed samuel st-jean email to the usherbrooke one
Changelog Updated info and changelog
LICENSE DOC: Mailmap, copyright, Authors. RF: add to
Makefile Big changes, refactored
README.rst It's more like a forum BF: include_dirs for Cython pyx release compiles
requirements.txt NF: add requirements.txt file RF: rename mattes module and its classes. Move the computation of MI … RF - clarifying (maybe) setup / setup_egg paths PEP8: remove extra blank lines



DIPY is a python toolbox for analysis of MR diffusion imaging.

DIPY is for research only; please do not use results from DIPY for clinical decisions.


Current information can always be found from the DIPY website -

Mailing Lists

Please see the developers' list at Please see the users' forum at


You can find our sources and single-click downloads:


DIPY is licensed under the terms of the BSD license. Please see the LICENSE file in the dipy distribution.

DIPY uses other libraries also licensed under the BSD or the MIT licenses, with the only exception of the SHORE module which optionally uses the cvxopt library. Cvxopt is licensed under the GPL license.

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