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Quickshear uses a skull stripped version of an anatomical images as a reference to deface the unaltered anatomical image.

Usage: [-h] anat_file mask_file defaced_file [buffer]

Quickshear defacing for neuroimages

positional arguments:
  anat_file     filename of neuroimage to deface
  mask_file     filename of brain mask
  defaced_file  filename of defaced output image
  buffer        buffer size (in voxels) between shearing plane and the brain
                (default: 10.0)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help    show this help message and exit

For a full description, see the following paper:

[Schimke2011]Schimke, Nakeisha, and John Hale. "Quickshear defacing for neuroimages." Proceedings of the 2nd USENIX conference on Health security and privacy. USENIX Association, 2011.