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Atom package to add support for editor settings per-language, file extension and directory.
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editor-settings package

Adds support for per-language, file extension and directory editor settings.

How to use it

Global configuration

Open a file you'd like to configure the settings for, ensure that its grammar is correctly detected (look at the grammar selector in the bottom right corner of Atom or press ⌃⇧L) and open the command palette (⌘⇧P or ⌃⇧P). Type Editor Settings: Open Grammar Config and press ⏎.

A new .cson file for the grammar of the file you had open should show with the current editor settings for the given grammar. Edit it and save.

The language/grammar settings files are saved in the grammar-config directory located in the main Atom configuration directory with a lower-case file name format.

For example, the config file for CoffeeScript would be coffeescript.cson.

Local configuration

For a per directory based configuration, you can create a .editor-settings file in the concerned directories.

Supported settings

The API for setting editor settings currently only supports:

  • Tab length (tabLength)
  • Soft/hard tabs (softTabs)
  • Soft wrap (softWrap)
  • Encoding (encoding)
  • Atom and Syntax theme (themes)

Example configuration

The following example is for CoffeeScript, it sets the tab length to 2, but if the file extension is .cson it sets it to 4.

tabLength: 2
    tabLength: 4

Experimental settings:

fontFamily: 'Source Code Pro'
  'GitHub Markdown':
    fontFamily: 'monospace'

Example project and directory configuration

All options not nested under a specific grammar are used for all grammar and extensions.

tabLength: 2
themes: ['atom-light-ui', 'atom-light-syntax']
    tabLength: 4
    softTabs: true
        softTabs: false


  • Per-language support
  • Per-file extension support
  • Per-project support
  • Per-directory support


  • Change configuration directory

If there is a feature you'd like added simply create an issue or fork and implement it and send a pull request.

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