A minimal MVC framework in PHP
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Another MVC framework in PHP.

A really minimal MVC framework with helpers and library support.

See also

How to use?

  • Check example at minimalMVC-example.
  • Run phpDoc and understand available methods. (I have tried to make documentation phpDoc compatible, not sure with what level of success :P)
  • Alternatively, browse and understand the code (If you think reading code is easier :P)
  • Add more controllers, models, views, libraries and helpers in app and make something awesome. :)

Note: Sorry for the not so good documentation, but if you are real coder you can get everything from the code. It is nicely written. :P

Directory structure

The directory structure of an application using minimalMVC looks like following.

|-- index.php (which calls sys/index.php)
|-- sys
|   `-- (Content of this repo)
|-- app
|   |-- config.php
|   |-- routes.php
|   |-- models
|   |   `-- (Models...)
|   |-- controllers
|   |   `-- (Controllers...)
|   |-- views
|   |   `-- (Views...)
|   |-- helpers
|   |   `-- (Helpers...)
|   `-- libraries
|       `-- (Libraries...)
`-- (Other stuff including static files, css, js, etc.)

Please refer to the minimalMVC-example repo for details for app directory.


I have some problems with big frameworks that does everything for me without me knowing what they are doing... Also, I have problems with using others libraries rather than writing myself (But sadly, I cannot write everything myself :/).

But this time they allowed me to create and use a framework for the website of our college fest (Felicity 2k15, IIIT Hyderabad). Thanks to my friends @polybuildr and @hharchani who allowed me to create a framework and use it rather than using someone else's framework. :D

This was created as part of the website mentioned above, and then I separated it as a different project. Old commits history is not preserved as some of them was specific to that project.


Report bugs

  • Use github issues to report bugs.

Feature requests / Enhancements

  • Preferably implement and send a pull request! :P


  • Use github issues.

Contribute code

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Implement some feature or fix a bug (use branches if bossible)
  3. Create pull request.


If you can write usage manual, you are more than welcome to write one!