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Detect Motion from PiCamera and send Notification
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Detect motion on mirror and control the tv with my other Module MMM-CECControl

I try to implement different other modules as a hub. You can use MMM-Facial-Recognition-OCV3, this module receive the notification and turn the tv on or off.

Added following module as well, MMM-Face-Reco-DNN.


We can't do a Screenshot because it runs in the background :) It's only react on some events to turn the TV on and off.

Setup the Module

Config Description
delay Delay to turn the TV off after the off notification was sent.
Default Value: 15000
interval Interval to check modules.
Default Value: 5000
useFacialRecognitionOCV3 Use the module MMM-Facial-Recognition-OCV3 to control the TV
Default Value: false
useMMMFaceRecoDNN Use the module MMM-Face-Reco-DNN to control the TV
Default Value: false
ontime Time where TV is always on. Array with times ['0700-1200', '1300-2000'].
Default Value: []

Full configuration of the module

    module: 'MMM-MotionControl',
    config: {
        // Delay to turn the TV off
        delay: 15000,
        // Interval to check modules
        interval: 5000,
        // Use the module MMM-Facial-Recognition-OCV3
        useFacialRecognitionOCV3: false,
        // Use the module MMM-Face-Reco-DNN
        useMMMFaceRecoDNN: false,
        // Array where tv should be on
        ontime: []
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