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Paathshaala is social content sharing repository within the NITC network. It can be accessed at []. The current version supports only the videos. Paathshaala is being rewritten from scratch with an object oriented design in mind and is under active development. The project is looking for new collaborators who can code in oo php, js, shell, html or css.

Authors :

License : GPL V3

  • This repository can be considered to be always up to date.
  • Installation instructions will be added sometime later. The code is not in a deployable stage now.
  • You can clone the code at your forked repo or git://
  • If you have any queries, please report it here. New developers are most welcome. Please feel free to contact jaseemabid or swvist for queries.

Branches :

master          :       The current stable version deployed in servers
dev             :       The next big thing that is going to be part of master.
dev/userPic     :       Wrong user images leading to serious performance issues.
                        Temp branch to fix this issue.
                        Assigned to @swvist
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