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Aeolus Desktop Application

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aeolus-gui is an graphical desktop client for the Aeolus cloud management suite:

Author(s): Nitesh Narayanlal License: Apache License Version 2.0


To build aeolus-gui, you must have the necessary dependencies installed and then checkout the source dir:

Next compile the sources:

  • qmake-qt4
  • make


To run aeolus-gui, first make sure you have an instance of Aeolus conductor running locally (remote management support coming in the near future):

  • sudo yum install aeolus-all
  • sudo aeolus-configure

Finally launch the 'Aeolus' command in the local checkout directory:

  • ./Aeolus

You can now log on w/ the initial admin account ('admin'/'password') to configure cloud providers, images, and instances right from the desktop!

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