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The Indigo branch is an unofficial experimental user interface version of original Scribus. This project includes a new application layout, control elements, different color themes inclusive dark and bright icon sets and workflow improvements.

The initial idea was born in early 2015 in the Scribus forums where some Scribus users developed a basic concept which has been improved steps by step - the result is the Indigo UI.


Goal of this project is to improve the usablity of Scribus for beginners and professionals. It is not the goal to bring new features to Scribus which are not related to UI.


Here you can get the latest version as AppImage file.

Scribus Indigo 1.5.4 (30. Jul 2017)


Here you can find list of components or features which will come into the Indigo branch. Furthermore you can check the development status.

Visuals: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1JRs-9VUaZGjG3Dvyci2DCpwIpYQLR8IZv485hjujdEk/edit

Version 1.5.4 I (done)

  • full integration of IndigoDock (done)
    • new dockable container which hold single panels (done)
    • multi dock container support for custom workspaces (done)
    • new dockable panels (done)
    • drag and drop sorting for panels (done)
    • auto scroll to active panel (done)
  • theme support (done)
    • support of single theme files (done)
    • bright icon set (done)
    • theme files (done)
    • add missing icons (done)

Version 1.5.4 II (wip)

  • splitting property panel into "frame" and "content" panels (wip)
  • panel layout improvements (wip)
    • improve color management UI (color pickining, color creation, color editing)
    • text panel feature grouping into paragraph and characters
  • call panel by shortcut (no toggle, show only)
  • HiDPI icon support (wip)

Later Versions

  • workspace presets support

Bug fixes for theme files or IndigoDock are not listed here.