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Nitro 3

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A brand new rewrite. Check out the Wiki for what's new and happening, or tweet me @consindo.

Build Instructions

  • You will need node.js & npm installed.
  • Then run npm install

Development (without server)

  • Use npm run test:fast to run tests only, without building and coverage.
  • You can use npm run watch. It uses webpack-dev-server, which has nice live js & css reloading.
  • Sign in with, no password.

Development (with server)

  • Go to to download and use the server.
  • If you're developing the client too, the webpack-dev-server will proxy API requests to localhost:8040/a - you can change this in webpack.config.js.


  • This is published as a npm package, prebuilt with the API route as /a.
  • Nitro Server pulls the package from NPM, and serves the module as the app.


  • Use npm run build to create a production build.
  • Serve this from nitro-server by changing the config.
  • If you're the maintainer, use npm publish and change the wanted package in the nitro-server package.json.


FOSSA Status