Phantompy is a headless WebKit engine with powerful pythonic api build on top of Qt5 Webkit
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Headless WebKit engine for Python

Phantompy is a headless scriptable WebKit engine with a clean pythonic api.

WARNING: This project is abandoned due big design problems (python always works outside the QT eventloop, that makes some thins like js events management very ugly and some other things impossible). I can give the project to any one that want continue the development.


The package has two components:

  • C++/C library which exposes a on-demand api to Qt5/QtWebkit (libphantompy)
  • Python app that builds on top of libphantompy with ctypes

Tested with python: cpython-3.3, cpython-2.7 and pypy-2.0.1


Partial documentation available on:

A lot of features are proof of concept and need more work.


  • Benjamin Torsten Jolitz (@benjolitz) for the many ideas submitted.


How truly headless is phantompy?

Thanks to Qt5 and QPA it's truly headless. You can run your apps without x11 with this environment variable:

export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=minimal