Example on how to nixify a project [maintainer=@zimbatm]
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TodoMVC w/ JavaScript frontend and Haskell backend

built with nix

This project build can be demonstrates how a project can be nixified. The service itself has been cobbled-up together using the https://www.todobackend.com/ and isn't the interesting bit.

What's interesting is how to put together the nix/ folder, look at the git commit history it should be fairly logical.


Here are the various usage patterns:

  • ./scripts/ci would be invoked by the CI (eg: Jenkins), it builds, runs the tests and pushes to the binary cache.
  • ./scripts/run builds and runs the service locally
  • invoke nix-shell in each service to import development dependencies


I didn't have the time to implement everything. Here are the missing bits:

  • ./scripts/ci should also push the docker images to the registry
  • setup the binary cache
  • handle docker images on Darwin
  • improve the nix-shell experience

Let me know if you want to see any of these happening.