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podcast is a command line podcast manager and player.

Binaries can be found here:

Otherwise, use your distributions package manager to install libiconv, and mpv or vlc or sox. Then install rustup, and run cargo install podcast

NOTE: Playback requires either mpv or vlc to be installed

It currently supports:

  • Subscribing to RSS feeds
  • Searching for podcasts
  • Unsubscribing from RSS feeds
  • Streaming podcasts
  • Parallel downloading of multiple podcasts
  • Playing podcasts
  • Auto-download new episodes
  • Automatically check for updates
  • Shell Completions
    • zsh
    • bash
    • fish
    • powershell
    • elvish

By default, podcasts are downloaded to $HOME/Podcasts, but this folder can be set with the $PODCAST environmental variable.

How many latest episodes to download when first subscribing to new podcasts can be set in the $PODCAST/.subscriptions.json file

Set auto_download_limit to 0 to skip downloading when first subscribing.

Downloads can be done a variety of ways:

Individually: podcast download $podcast_name 4

Multiple: podcast download $podcast_name 1,5,9-12,14

All: podcast download $podcast_name

You can also use a portion of the name. Podcast will pick the first podcast alphabetically that contains the given word (Case-Insensitive).

Example Usage:

$ podcast search my brother my brother and me
Using PODCAST dir: "/Users/jaremn/Podcasts"
(0) My Brother, My Brother And Me []
(1) My Brother, My Brother And Me []
(2) My Brother's Funnier Than Me []
(3) My Brother's Wife and Me and Him []
(4) My Brother & Me []
(5) Me & My Brother []
Would you like to subscribe to any of these? (y/n): y
Which one? (#): 0
Downloading RSS feed...
Subscribe auto-download limit set to: 1
Downloading episode(s)...
[00:03:06] MBMBaM 518: Pepperoni and Vicki.mp3 [294.32KB/s] [3.08MB/56.54MB]
$ podcast ls
My Brother, My Brother And Me
$ podcast ls bro # List all the episodes of My Brother, My Brother, and Me
(447) MBMBaM 440: The Naming of 2019
(446) MBMBaM 439: Face 2 Face: Candlenights 2018
(2) My Brother, My Brother and Me: Episode 02
(1) My Brother, My Brother and Me: Episode 01
$ podcast play bro # Play the latest episode of mbmbam
$ podcast play "my brother" 446 # Play "MBMBaM 439: Face 2 Face: Candlenights 2018"
$ podcast download bro # Download all episodes of mbmbam
$ podcast download brother -e "The Naming" # Download the latest episode containing "The Naming"
Downloading: /home/njaremko/Podcasts/My Brother, My Brother And Me/MBMBaM 440: The Naming of 2019.mp3
$ podcast download bro 44 -e -a # Download all episodes containing "44"
Using PODCAST dir: "/Users/jaremn/Podcasts"
[00:07:36] MBMBaM 449: The Cable Pie.mp3 [114.59KB/s] [527.34KB/51.50MB]
[00:00:12] MBMBaM 448: Bird Words.mp3 [3.63MB/s] [16.19MB/58.05MB]
[00:08:03] MBMBaM 447: Valentine’s Escape Room.mp3 [105.69KB/s] [494.59KB/50.28MB]
[00:00:05] MBMBaM 446: Face 2 Face: The Cupture.mp3 [5.85MB/s] [26.19MB/55.63MB]
[00:09:46] MBMBaM 445: Pizzalicious Turbo-Moths.mp3 [93.65KB/s] [443.57KB/54.01MB]
[00:08:07] MBMBaM 444: The 100 Wishes of the Pandemonium Cube.mp3 [109.15KB/s] [495.49KB/52.40MB]
[00:09:08] MBMBaM 443: Face 2 Face: Apple Time!.mp3 [106.42KB/s] [495.15KB/57.38MB]
[00:10:56] MBMBaM 442: Justin’s Special Shower Sauce.mp3 [93.04KB/s] [451.47KB/59.98MB]
[00:08:44] MBMBaM 441: In a New York Whoopsie.mp3 [113.30KB/s] [521.91KB/58.44MB]
[00:00:13] MBMBaM 440: The Naming of 2019.mp3 [3.24MB/s] [14.45MB/55.49MB]
[00:00:29] MBMBaM 344: The Cream Beams to the Tower of Flavortown.mp3 [1.73MB/s] [7.72MB/56.55MB]
[00:12:13] MBMBaM 244: Slimefoot.mp3 [97.95KB/s] [454.36KB/70.58MB]
[00:10:25] MBMBaM 144: Kick it Forward.mp3 [105.41KB/s] [492.53KB/64.79MB]
[00:08:17] My Brother, My Brother and Me 44: Chunk Pump.mp3 [95.76KB/s] [441.53KB/46.85MB]

Generating completions:

# Generating completion for current shell:
$ podcast completion
... outputs stuff that needs to be loaded by your shell on startup ...

# Fish Shell Example
$ podcast completion fish >
$ sudo mv /usr/share/fish/completions



Building requires nightly rust

git clone
cd podcast
cargo install --path=. --force


pijul clone
cd podcast
cargo install --path=. --force