PIC18F24J11 driven LED binary wrist watch
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TODO: code is complex enough that it should not be contained entirely in one file. Seperate out by functionality.

*display functions
*RTCC functions
*deep sleep functions
*timer functions

Debounce function is actually pretty useful. Make a library out of it.

*See if the timers are similar enough that a timer struct can be passed
 in to make the function more generic
*Pass in the port for the button to debounce (w/ active high v low)
*Parameterize DEBOUNCE, and HOLD values
*Make a pushbutton structure, obviating the need for global state vars

If we're making libraries, lets do something about RTCC. It's begging for a simple API interface.

Start properly using the RTCC lock/unlock capability to protect RTCC from unintentional modifications.

PIC18F24J11 driven LED binary wrist watch.