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This plugin adds additional features from Tiled mapeditor to Phaser 2. Some of them are built-in in Tiled, and others are custom solutions. The aim is to move reusable code from my projects to this plugin. Another aim is to make it integrate to Phaser 2 as seamless as possible with unmodified code. This is experimental at the moment, and ideas are added and removed as I go, so does the solutions.

The plugin will not improve performance. For increased performance (along with additional Tiled features) I recommend the far more advanced plugin Phaser-Tiled:

Check out the online example at:

Current features:

Feature Description
Triggers Triggers are defined in an Object layer called "Triggers".
Tileset properties Set collision by collideUp etcetera
Image layers Stuff like parallax and properties such as opacity/alpha

All features will be available as stand-alone plugins and as part of the full phaser-tiled-extras plugin.

Possible future additions: More types of objects, Autoload sprites, Animated tiles

First (unfinished) documentation attempt:


Properties set in Tiled

Built in properties:

Property Description
name (string) Name of layer, used for finding ImageKey if not defined and to find layer by searching by name.
position.x (integer) Horizontal position, set by moving layer in Tiled or editing the value
position.y (integer) Vertical position, set by moving layer in Tiled or editing the value
opacity (float) Used as tileSprite alpha
visible (boolean) Sets the exists value of the tileSprite
image (string) If no key is defined, it will be used to identify imageKey to use. (Path is ignored)
Transparent color (object) Not supported.

Custom properties:

Property Description
key (string) Name of imageKey to use.
top (integer) Push the image to the top, and adjust the vertical position by the value set. Ovverides the y-value set in Tiled.
right (integer) See top
bottom (integer) See top
left (integer) See top
repeat (boolean) Make the image to repeat within a tilesprite and fit the image to the full screen.
repeat-x (boolean) As repeat but only horizontally.
repeat-y (boolean) As repeat but only vertically.
tint (hexadecimal) Sets tint for the tileSprite (will not show any effect in Tiled). Valid values #000000 to #FFFFFF.
scale (float) Sets scale of tileSprite to {x: properties.scale, y: properties.scale}
scale.x (float) Sets scale.x of tileSprite
scale.y (float) Sets scale.y of tileSprite
velocity.x (float) Set vertical speed of layer movement
velocity.y (float) Set horizontal speed of layer movement
parallax (float) Defines both vertical and horizontal parallax movement by proportion to camera movement. (0.5 makes the background move at half speed of the camera, 2 makes it two times faster.)
parallax.x (float) TODO: As parallax but only vetically.
parallax.y (float) TODO: As parallax but only horizontally.

Resulting variables

Phaser.Tilemap.imageLayers, array of tileSprites and/or sprites created by Phaser.Tilemap.defineImageLayers. Additional values:


TODO: Body instead of Anchor


area,args,callback,detectAnchorOnly,enabled,endorsers,height,name,newLoop,trigged,wasTrigged,width required|Properties for objects that are required activate trigger (i.e. player=true, ghost!=true or weight>90)

Supported Tiled tileset properties####

Custom property Description
collideAll Sets collision to it's value in all directions (true/false). Set to false by default.
collideUp Set collideUp (true/false). Overrides collideAll
collideRight Set collideRight (true/false). Overrides collideAll
collideLeft Set collideLeft (true/false). Overrides collideAll
collideDown Set collideDown (true/false). Overrides collideAll

Trigger object properties forbidden Properties for objects that are forbidden activate trigger (i.e. ghost=true) required Properties for objects that are required activate trigger (i.e. player=true) function/event Event related to the trigger


Loading tile properties into collision (layer = Phaser.TilemapLayer):

layer.updateCollision(); //Sets all tiles as defined in Tiled
layer.updateCollision(new Phaser.Rectangle(5,5,10,10)); // As above but only within a rectange 10 tiles wide, and 10 tiles high, starting at x=5, y=5
layer.updateCollision({x:5, y:5, width: 10, height: 10}); // Same result as above
layer.updateCollision(null, true); // Clear collision for the whole layer
layer.updateCollision(new Phaser.Rectangle(0,0,layer.width/2,layer.height/2), true); // Clear collision for the upper left area, one fourth of the full layer.

map = Phaser.Tilemap

map.defineTriggers(); // Load triggers into map.triggers
map.checkTriggers(group); //checking triggers and activating events for all within group (group = Phaser.Group)
map.checkTriggers(sprite); //checking triggers and activating events for all within sprite (sprite = Phaser.Sprite)


Extra Tiled tilemap features for Phaser 2.







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