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GPS coordinates for YRA Racing marks in San Francisco Bay

See for recent updates.

This project contains GPS coordinates for nearly all racing marks in the San Francisco Bay and some other "interesting" marks. The information here was collected from multiple sources:

You can download the list in multiple formats or look at them using Google Maps which also allows to search for these marks on the map using the mark name (e.g. "YRA-18").

The easiest way to download all files is to left-click on the green "Code" button in the lop-right corner and then left-click the "Download ZIP" at the bottom of the resulting popup windows. The resulting ZIP file contains the marks in all the generated formats listed below.

If you just want a single file, you can also right-click on the file name above and then select "Save Link as...".

Of course I do not claim that any of this information is correct and strongly advise not to use this for navigation. Having said that, if anyone finds mistakes or has additions, please feel free to send me updates.

For most marks that are listed in the Weekly Light List, the description in San_Francisco.csv contains the light number in [] (e.g. [360] for the Lightship). However, that number is omitted from all the other files because it is not of interest to most users.

The marks are offered in multiple formats from generated San_Francisco.csv using GPSBabel.

As an example, the GPX file was generated using

gpsbabel -i unicsv -f San_Francisco.csv -o gpx -F San_Francisco.gpx

Right now I offer the following formats:

  • CSV simple text format with coordinates in decimal degrees (e.g. -122.358967)

  • GPX very common format. This can also be directly used as a layer in the excellent OpenCPN chartplotter and navigation software.

  • POI Garmin POI format (should work for Garmin Marine handhelds)

  • DMM CSV with coordinates in degrees and decimal minutes (e.g. W122 21.538020)

  • DMS CSV with coordinates in degrees, minutes and decimal seconds (e.g. W122 21 32.281)

  • NOAA CSV with coordinates in degrees, minutes and decimal seconds (e.g. 122-21-32.281W). This is the format used in the NOAA light lists.

  • SHP format commonly used in mapping applications

  • HTML simple text version

If you need another format, drop me a note and I might add it. Of course you can also always use GPSBabel yourself.


GPS coordinates for YRA Racing marks in San Francisco Bay







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