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A JavaScript runtime for the ESP32 based on Duktape.
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The ESP32 is a WiFi and Bluetooth enabled MCU from Espressif. It is a dual core processor with 512K of RAM and commonly 4M of flash. Each processor runs at 240MHz. It has built in WiFi and Bluetooth as well as a rich assortment of sensor inputs and outputs.

Duktape is an open source implementation of a JavaScript environment including a runtime, compiler, debugger and a wealth of well written documentation.

This project provides an environment for running JavaScript on the ESP32 using the Duktape engine. In addition to providing all the necessary components to run a simple JavaScript program, a framework is also provided that provides premade modules for many of the common ESP32 functions including networking, web servers, web sockets, GPIO and much more.

An integrated browser based JavaScript editor and file system are also present meaning that once installed, one needs no specialized tools in order to build and run JavaScript.

All components in this project are open source. Collaborators welcomed.

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