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A CSP plugin for hapi.


This plugin depends on scooter to function.

To use it:

'use strict';

const Hapi = require('hapi');
const Blankie = require('blankie');
const Scooter = require('scooter');

const internals = {};

const server = Hapi.server();

internals.init = async () => {

    await server.register([Scooter, {
        plugin: Blankie,
        options: {} // specify options here

    await server.start();

internals.init().catch((err) => {

    throw err;

Options may also be set on a per-route basis:

'use strict';

const Hapi = require('hapi');
const Blankie = require('blankie');
const Scooter = require('scooter');

const server = Hapi.server();

    method: 'GET',
    path: '/something',
    config: {
        handler: (request, h) => {

            return 'these settings are changed';
        plugins: {
            blankie: {
                scriptSrc: 'self'

Note that this setting will NOT be merged with your server-wide settings.

You may also set config.plugins.blankie equal to false on a route to disable CSP headers completely for that route.


  • baseUri: Values for base-uri directive. Defaults 'self'.
  • childSrc: Values for child-src directive.
  • connectSrc: Values for the connect-src directive. Defaults 'self'.
  • defaultSrc: Values for the default-src directive. Defaults to 'none'.
  • fontSrc: Values for the font-src directive.
  • formAction: Values for the form-action directive.
  • frameAncestors: Values for the frame-ancestors directive.
  • frameSrc: Values for the frame-src directive.
  • imgSrc: Values for the image-src directive. Defaults to 'self'.
  • manifestSrc: Values for the manifest-src directive.
  • mediaSrc: Values for the media-src directive.
  • objectSrc: Values for the object-src directive.
  • oldSafari: Force enabling buggy CSP for Safari 5.
  • pluginTypes: Values for the plugin-types directive.
  • reflectedXss: Value for the reflected-xss directive. Must be one of 'allow', 'block' or 'filter'.
  • reportOnly: Append '-Report-Only' to the name of the CSP header to enable report only mode.
  • reportUri: Value for the report-uri directive. This should be the path to a route that accepts CSP violation reports.
  • requireSriFor: Value for require-sri-for directive.
  • sandbox: Values for the sandbox directive. May be a boolean or one of 'allow-forms', 'allow-same-origin', 'allow-scripts' or 'allow-top-navigation'.
  • scriptSrc: Values for the script-src directive. Defaults to 'self'.
  • styleSrc: Values for the style-src directive. Defaults to 'self'.
  • workerSrc: Values for the worker-src directive. Defaults to 'self'.
  • generateNonces: Whether or not to automatically generate nonces. Defaults to true. May be a boolean or one of 'script' or 'style'. When enabled your templates rendered through vision will have script-nonce and/or style-nonce automatically added to their context, additionally request.plugins.blankie.nonces will contain one or both of the 'script' and 'style' properties containing these values for use outside of vision.