a tiny OS for running docker in xhyve
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DhyveOS is a lightweight Linux distribution made specifically to run Docker containers within the xhyve hypervisor on OS X. It runs completely from RAM, is a small ~14MB download and boots in ~5s (YMMV).


  • Uses 9P over virtio to mount your user's home directory so volume mappings work.
  • Docker runs on port 2375 without TLS
  • Designed for use with dlite
  • Default root password: dhyve
  • Default docker user password: docker
  • Uses btrfs for the docker filesystem


Building DhyveOS requires docker. To build it, just run make. Binaries will be located in the output directory.

Downloads and ccache output are stored in named docker volumes to speed up subsequent builds.

Running make clean will remove the output directory as well as the intermediate container (if it exists).

make dist-clean will additionally remove the base image, as well as the named volumes.

If you'd like to tweak the buildroot configuration, run make config. When you save changes they will be copied to the config directory appropriately.

To make changes to the kernel configuration, run make linux-config. When saving, make sure to specify the filename /tmp/config/kernel or your changes will be lost.

Caveat Emptor

DhyveOS is currently designed and tuned for development. Using it for any kind of production workloads at this time is highly discouraged.