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@nljones nljones released this Apr 15, 2019 · 9 commits to combined since this release

Changes in Version 0.7

  • The ray tracing engine is updated to OptiX™ 6.0.0 using CUDA 10.0 with support for RTX graphics cards.
  • AcceleradRT is included in the Windows distribution of Accelerad.
  • Added support for instances.
  • Reduced memory overhead for meshes.
  • Added support for,,,, and all rfluxmtx h options.
  • Fixed program name checking in rfluxmtx and genBSDF to avoid errors on some machines.
  • Added support for rtrace -orRxX outputs.
  • Number of allowed antimatter materials increased to 32.
  • Various improvements to error handling.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Honeybee standard error formatting.
  • Fixed bug in which ray tracing fails for empty scenes.
  • Fixed bug in which end of file message appeared erroneously in rcontrib.
  • Fixed bug in which some contribution indices might not be recorded in rcontrib.
  • Fixed bug in ambient super sampling.
  • Fixed bug in aft clipping plane for scenes with transparent surfaces.
  • Adjustable color scale added to AcceleradRT.
  • Radiance and irradiance visualization added to AcceleradRT.
  • Walking mode added to AcceleradRT.
  • Fixed bug that caused sky to render too bright in AcceleradRT.
  • Fixed bug in DGP calculation when no task area is selected in AcceleradRT.
  • Use of -g parameter to set GPU stack size is deprecated and has no effect.
  • Use of -t parameter to set timeout callback is deprecated and has no effect.
  • Support discontinued for SM 2.X (Fermi) and SM 3.X (Kepler) GPUs.
  • Support discontinued for Mac due to lack of available drivers.
  • Support discontinued for VCA.
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