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LSA325 LSA student evaluations
archives archived old sourceforge forum posts in text form
book-jp Added Japanese book related files (book-jp/) (rst file).
book-pl NLTK book (PL), Preface - stylistic improvements
book remove references to clean_html, now replaced by BeautifulSoup
howto removed index to stop overwriting of manually generated index file
images diagram of revision strategy for 2nd ed of book
pt-br Move doc/en to doc/book; make directory doc/extras (for chapter-relat…
slides updated copyright year
surveys moved nltk-old/lite to nltk/
.gitignore updates to files to ignore
HouseStyle.txt Rename book chapters to chNN.rst
avm.sty added avm.sty, missing from minimal TEXINPUTS path defined for pdflatex
default.css moved nltk-old/lite to nltk/
definitions.rst Update definitions.rst
definitions.sty indent python code blocks in latex output, so they stand out clearly … py3 updates set default value for fails and tries so that processing can continue… py3 updates
epydoc.diff patch for epydoc, required for building NLTK book updated copyright year
index.html added html redirects for old chapter filenames
index.rst Added Sphinx doc stuff. Updated HTML and LaTeX processing so that subsections no longer get s…
nltk.ppt updates to presentation slides and portuguese guide
nltkdoc.css improved guide list Removed #! lines from top of python modules, or added executable flag…
pdffonts.sty * some improvements to the syntax highlighting so that it matches IDLE
refs.bib minor tweaks Fixed issue [49]: Example 4.5: corrupt code and typo py3 fixes py3 updates
xelatexsymbols.tex test file for processing common math symbols with XeLaTeX updated copyright year Removed #! lines from top of python modules, or added executable flag…
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