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Tiny password manager
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Following the convention seems to be a good idea.
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tpm - tiny password manager




tpm is a tiny shell script which is heavily inspired and largely compatible with pass(1). Just like pass it uses gpg2(1) to securely store your passwords, the major difference between pass and tpm is that the latter is a lot more minimal. Furthermore, tpm is written entirely in POSIX shell.

Invoking tpm consists of specifying a command either insert or show and supplying one entry as a target. If insert is specified as a command tpm will create a new entry and prompt for the corresponding password. If you specify show as a command tpm will write the password for the given entry to standard output.



The storage directory (default: ~/.password-store).


GPG key to encrypt files with (default: self).



The default storage directory.


Provided for compatibility with pass(1).


Create a new entry with a random password using pwgen(1):

$ pwgen -1 | tpm insert system/new-user

Create a new entry called 'system/root':

$ tpm insert system/root

Write your 'system/root' password to standard output:

$ tpm show system/root

Copy your 'system/root' password to the clipboard using xclip(1):

$ tpm show system/root | tr -d '\n' | xclip


gpg2(1), pass(1), pwgen(1), xclip(1)

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