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wg-quick like library in go for embedding


  • full wg-quick feature parity
    • PreUp
    • PostUp
    • PreDown
    • PostDown
    • DNS
    • MTU
    • Save --> Use MarshallText interface to save config
  • Sync
  • Up
  • Down
  • MarshallText
  • UnmarshallText
  • Minimal test
  • Integration tests ((TODO; have some virtual machines/kvm and wreck havoc :) ))


  • Endpoints DNS MarshallText is unsupported
  • Pre/Post Up/Down doesn't support escaped %i, that is all %i are expanded to interface name.
  • SaveConfig in config is only a placeholder (( since there's no reading/writing from files )). Use Unmarshall/Marshall Text to save/load config (( you're responsible for IO)).