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This project aims on reverse engineering protocol of Validity 138a:0090, 138a:0094, 138a:0097, 06cb:0081, 06cb:009a fingerprint readers, creating specification and FLOSS libfprint driver.


Main chat of this project: Gitter

libfrprint issue:

Lenovo forums:

Notable files

  1. - Specification draft, the main work goes here right now.
  2. dissector.lua - Wireshark dissector for decrypting communication after key exchange.
  3. libfprint directory - libfprint repo with this driver integrated Not ready at the moment.
  4. prototype - Standalone prototype(extremly ugly code, would be completly rewritten for driver)


Prototype testers are needed, please share your result and join us in our Gitter.


Device Status
138a:0090 Scan, Image output, Internal DB check works in prototype. There is also a match-on-host libfprint driver by @3v1n0 based on prototype source(138a:0090 only). You can use it untill proper unified driver is available.
138a:0097 Scan, Internal DB check works in prototype
138a:0094 Doesn't work yet, but looks promising. I will try to work on it after 90/97
06cb:0081 So far looks identical to 138a:0094
06cb:009a Init works, leds work, scan doesn't work yet
138a:0091 Different protocol, out of scope for this project. Check out Validity91 which aims to reverse engineer it.
Task Specification/Analysis Prototype Driver
Initialization Done Done Not Started
Configuration/Reconfig In progress In progress Not Started
Pre TLS key exchange In progress Done Not Started
TLS Done Done Not Started
90: Ops: scan, LED, etc In progress Scan, LED works Not Started
97: Ops: enroll, check, reset, LED, etc In progress Check works Not Started
Image format In progress Done Not Started


Please consider donating to support the development.
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Reverse engineering of Validity/Synaptics 138a:0090, 138a:0094, 138a:0097, 06cb:0081, 06cb:009a fingerprint readers protocol








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