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crouton-fedora-wayland: Crouton version for Fedora

This is a modified version of Crouton which installs Fedora onto your Chromebook. This version isn't nearly as polished as the main version of Crouton with Debian/Ubuntu. Please don't use this if you aren't familiar with the Crouton project as it is much better than this version. This specific version ditches the old X server with Freon idea, and uses Wayland which is built-in in the latest couple of versions of Chrome OS. It is much simpler and actually faster.


All the work here is based on the official Crouton version which can be found here:

and on this (now a bit old, but still fantastic source) fork for Fedora 20:

I am eternally grateful for these versions, and all the credits should go to their authors. I merely played with them and modified them a bit.

Original Crouton Fedora:

Useful links

My original blog post about crouton-fedora:

The version 2.0:

The Crouton Fedora chrome app and VNC instructions:

Installing VirtualBox:

Running Docker:

Crouton Fedora + Wayland. Yes, please!:

A word of warning

If you want maximum stability, please use official Crouton and install Debian or Ubuntu. This may break with an update or might not even work at all. Things may break at anytime. This needs a lot more work. You have been warned.


  1. Developer unlock your chromebook
  2. Open crosh shell
cd ~/Downloads
wget -O crouton-fedora-wayland.tar.gz
tar xvf crouton-fedora-wayland.tar.gz && rm crouton-fedora-wayland.tar.gz
sudo sh ./crouton-fedora-wayland-master/installer/ -r fedora -t fedora

This installs the CLI version and support for Wayland.

To enter Fedora: sudo enter-chroot

A good practice is to also include a parameter -p to install this Crouton to the non-default path since it breaks the official Crouton if you have it installed. For example:

sudo mkdir /usr/local/crouton-fedora
sudo sh ./crouton-fedora-master/installer/ -r fedora -t fedora -p /usr/local/crouton-fedora
sudo sh /usr/local/crouton-fedora/bin/enter-chroot

Please consult the offical Crouton documentation for this.

With this paramter, you can also install Crouton Fedora onto your sd card or your USB drive. Just please remember, that performace will be greatly reduced if your SD card/USB drive is slow.


Wayland support is built in directly. If you only want CLI you have to modify the installation files or use the old version. Search for "# Wayland support:" comment!

Some applications (GNOME) can actually run on ChromeOS without a compositor. Others will require Xwayland.

For native Wayland applications, just run them from shell.

To start the compositor type wayland, there is an alias setup. Weston will start in full screen, but it is just a Chrome OS window, you can easily make it smaller or Alt+Tab from it. There are sometimes issues with double cursor appearing, which I am looking into, sorry. To close Weston, you can close its window from ChromeOS multitasking view or just Ctrl+C into crouton shell.


How much space do I need?

  • ~3GB for the GNOME + CLI installation.
  • ~2GB for the XFCE + CLI installation.
  • ~500MB for CLI only.

My download is slow or not working...

Modify the defaults file in installer/fedora folder. You can find mirrors on the fedora mirror list site.

What about Wine?

Wine works fine. I've sucessfully installed Photoshop CS6 through the PlayOnLinux Wine front-end.

Virtual Box/Docker?

Both work. Check the useful links section.


crouton (including this eloquently-written README) is copyright © 2017 The crouton Authors. All rights reserved. Use of the source code included here is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file in the source tree.

Fedora is property of Red Hat Corporation.

I'm merely a mortal, if anybody is offended by this code, please inform me, and it will be taken down immediately.