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Welcome to our project that textures 3D reconstructions from images. This project focuses on 3D reconstructions generated using structure from motion and multi-view stereo techniques, however, it is not limited to this setting.

The algorithm was published in Sept. 2014 on the European Conference on Computer Vision. Please refer to our project website ( for the paper and further information.

Please be aware that while the interface of the texrecon application is relatively stable the interface of the tex library is currently subject to frequent changes.


The code and the build system have the following prerequisites:

  • cmake (>= 3.1)
  • git
  • make
  • gcc (>= 5.0.0) or a compatible compiler
  • libpng, libjpg, libtiff, libtbb

Furthermore the build system automatically downloads and compiles the following dependencies (so there is nothing you need to do here):

Compilation Build Status

  1. git clone
  2. cd mvs-texturing
  3. mkdir build && cd build && cmake ..
  4. make (or make -j for parallel compilation)

If something goes wrong during compilation you should check the output of the cmake step. CMake checks all dependencies and reports if anything is missing.

If you think that there is some problem with the build process on our side please tell us.

If you are trying to compile this under windows (which should be possible but we haven't checked it) and you feel like we should make minor fixes to support this better, you can also tell us.


As input our algorithm requires a triangulated 3D model and images that are registered against this model. One way to obtain this is to:

A quick guide on how to use these applications can be found on our project website.

By starting the application without any parameters and you will get a description of the expected file formats and optional parameters.


When you encounter errors or unexpected behavior please make sure to switch the build type to debug e.g. cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=DEBUG .., recompile and rerun the application. Because of the computational complexity the default build type is RELWITHDEBINFO which enables optimization but also ignores assertions. However, these assertions could give valuable insight in failure cases.

License, Patents and Citing

Our software is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license, for more details see the LICENSE.txt file.

If you use our texturing code for research purposes, please cite our paper:

  title    = {Let There Be Color! --- {L}arge-Scale Texturing of {3D} Reconstructions},
  author   = {Waechter, Michael and Moehrle, Nils and Goesele, Michael},
  booktitle= {Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision},
  year     = {2014},
  publisher= {Springer},


If you have trouble compiling or using this software, if you found a bug or if you have an important feature request, please use the issue tracker of github:

For further questions you may contact us at mvs-texturing(at)


Algorithm to texture 3D reconstructions from multi-view stereo images








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