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GeekPress -- the Beautiful Minimalistic Elixir Blog for Geek -- is the simplest and fastest blog for geeks written in Elixir, using the Phoenix Framework.

Want to see DEMO IN ACTION? Try my blog CafewithMe.

This engine is forked from Mebe Blog Engine and I have been adding some features to make it more useful for my blogging need. I also added the default wonderful theme Medium-like so you can enjoy your writting without the need of choosing a good theme for it.

The engine consists of two parts:

  1. MebeEngine, which handles parsing the data files into an ETS (Erlang Term Storage) in-memory database, and
  2. MebeWeb, which uses the Phoenix Framework to serve the blog data to clients.

Features that I added to GeekPress

June 19, 2016

  • Add Auto Reload Posts without restarting the server manually when saving posts.

June 11, 2016

  • Upgrade to use Elixir 1.2 and Phoenix 1.1.6
  • Upgrade to latest npm packages.
  • Upgrade to latest Hex packages.
  • Add Style to support showing Tables

Dec 5, 2015

  • Add email, feed to footer.
  • Add option facebook_appid.

Nov 29, 2015

  • Add description header for posts and pages markdown.
  • Add Social network Open Graph meta data.
  • Add Social Buttons: HackerNews, Twitter and Facebook, you can now share posts and pages!

Nov 28, 2015

  • Add force_ssl option in config so you can force always redirect to ssl or not.
  • Add force_accurate_host option in config so you can force to redirect to the host in config.
  • Add blog_favicon option in config so you can config favicon for your blog.
  • Add nav_links option in config so you can config navigation links on top of the blog.
  • Add config for github, facebook, twitter account links at footer of blog.

Nov 26, 2015

  • Add a Dockerfile to build images automatically, so you can easily deploy without worring about the source code.

Nov 25, 2015

  • Default wonderful Medium-like theme.
  • Allow multiple authors to contributes
  • Show author information in each post with avatar.
  • Change the structure of markdown parser to be like Yaml format like Octopress.
  • Add feature background images to top of blog.

Installation for development

  • git clone
  • Copy config/*.exs.dist, removing the .dist ending and go through the configs.
  • npm install && npm run build to build the frontend for development.
  • mix deps.get to install hex packages.
  • mix phoenix.server to run the development server.

To Do Features

  • Author pages.
  • User guides

Default Features in Mebe

  • Blog by just writing Markdown files, no admin UI.
  • Automatic yearly, monthly and tag archives.
  • Disqus commenting.
  • RSS feeds for all posts and for tags.
  • Override templates by putting replacements into a directory.
  • Expect script for refreshing blog from the command line.
  • Splitting of posts so that only the beginning will be shown in a list view or feed.


Mebe is open source and licensed under the MIT Expat licence. Check the LICENCE file for details.