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Python client to Encrypts and decrypts on the fly to reduce memory usage.

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Install it:

pip install ffsend

Usage is really simple:

ffsend '' # download a file to the current directory
ffsend path/to/file # upload a file to Firefox Send

Advanced usage

Several commands take a -t/--token parameter, which is the "Owner token" displayed after a successful upload. If you uploaded the file with your browser, the owner token will be in the browser's localStorage.

Getting file information

To get basic information:

ffsend -i ''

To get more information (including number of times downloaded):

ffsend -i -t TOKEN ''

Deleting a file

ffsend --delete -t TOKEN ''

Updating file settings

ffsend --set-dlimit N -t TOKEN ''


Code is copyright Robert Xiao (, and is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.