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DevOOPS Bootstrap 3 Admin theme
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This is free open-source bootstrap 3 theme for you.
Licensed under GPL v3 or MIT.



Used plugins (all plugins licensed under appropriate license of authors)

Twitter Bootstrap 3.2.0
Bootstrap Validator 0.5.2-dev MIT
D3 3.4.11 AS IS
Datatables 1.10.3-dev GPL or BSD
Fancybox 2.1.5 ?
Widen FineUploader  (GPL3) v 5.0.5
jQuery-Knob (MIT or GPL)  1.2.11
Flot  0.8.3 AS IS
Select2  3.5.1 GPL2
Fullcalendar 2.1.1 MIT
jQuery 2.1.1
jQuery-UI 1.11.1
jQuery Timepicker 1.5.0 MIT
Justified Gallery 3.2.0 Creative Commons 3.0
Moment 2.8.3 MIT
Morris Charts v0.5.1 MIT
RaphaelJS 2.1.2 MIT
jQuery Sparkline 2.1.2 BSD
TinyMCE 4.1.5 GPL2
xCharts 0.3.0 AS IS
Springy 2.6.1 AS IS
Chartist.js 0.1.15 AS IS
OpenStreetMap 2.13 BSD
Leaflet.js 0.7.3 AS IS
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