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PrintCode - Extension of VS Code

You can print the code from VSCode!

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PrintCode converts the code being edited into an HTML file, displays it by browser and prints it.


  1. Press the F1 key
  2. Select or type PrintCode
  3. The browser launches and displays the code
  4. A print dialog opens and you can print!!

Configuration Options

Key Default Description
tabSize 2 The number of spaces a tab is equal to
fontSize 12 Controls the font size in pixels
paperSize a4 Paper size and orientation
lineNumbers on Print line numbers
printFilePath filename Amount of file's path info in document title
browserPath none Open with your non-default browser
webServerPort 4649 Port number for local WebServer.
disableTelemetry false Dont't include Google Analytics code on page
autoPrint true Pop up print dialog automatically
additionalStyleSheet none Insert additional StyleSheet

Release Notes

See Changelog.

Thank you

@janilahti (#6, #7, #12)

I like osushi/お寿司 very much.


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