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AutoHotkey program to quickly crop many same sized images via an overlay preview
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BookCrop.ahk - version 2018-10-21 - by Nod5 - GPLv3 - Made in Windows 10

Quickly crop many same sized images via an overlay preview

Download BookCrop binary

Alt text

Alt text

larger screenshot

How to use

  1. Drag and drop jpeg/tif images or a folder with images
  2. BookCrop overlays them into one preview
  3. Draw a rectangle and click "crop" to crop all images


  • Install latest GraphicsMagick (Q8 version is faster)
  • Get two files from libjpeg-turbo:
    • Download libjpeg-turbo-1.5.3-gcc64.exe or newer
    • Unzip the .exe with 7zip
    • browse to \bin subfolder
    • copy jpegtran.exe and libjpeg-62.dll and place next to BookCrop.exe

More Features

  • Ctrl+Click and draw another rectangle to split crop into two images with L and R suffix.

  • Ctrl+Tab starts R L mode. Files ending with L.jpg and R.jpg are previewed and cropped separately.

  • R / L at preview: rotate preview in 90 degree steps.

  • S at preview: Scrub mode. Draw a rectangle to whiten that area in binarized tif input images. Useful for scrubbing noise near inner/outer edges on book page photos.

  • Command line input: a folder path or image filepaths or a .txt with one image filepath per line.

BookCrop.exe "C:\folder"
BookCrop.exe "C:\dir\a.jpg" "C:\dir\b.jpg"
BookCrop.exe "C:\files.txt"
  • Drop a folder: Process all jpg or tif in folder (whichever there is more of).

  • Drop a single jpg or tif: Quick preview. Move threshold slider to refresh.
    Change threshold in quick preview if the overlay is too dark or light.

  • Important: Preview and cropping only works well on same size input images.

  • Advice: Use crop to subfolder, so you can redo if you crop too much.

  • If you wish to run/build BookCrop.ahk from source: install AutoHotkey


Q Scrub mode does not work on certain .tif files, why?
A Scrub fails if the .tif has JPEG compression. Remove the compression manually from the images first.


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