A sinatra app to monitor your SES account activity.
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This Repository has little use.

Amazon’s console now supports SES and has every feature this app does. This app is only useful if you’re looking to embed it as rack middleware in another app.

SESChange is a Sinatra app to monitor your SES account activity.

Amazon Simple Email Service is a way for your application to send transactional email cheaply. Amazon puts funky restrictions on your initial send rate and transaction limits.

If you want to know where you stand, without resorting to the command line – best get yourself a’SESChange.


  • Heads up of your current sending limit and sending rate.
  • Heads up and graphs of Delivery Attempts, Bounces, Rejects and Complaints
  • List of “Verified” email addresses

Coming up (hopefully)

  • Nicer presentation
  • Ability to run as rack middleware with simple http auth


How To Get your SESChange

  1. clone, or otherwise download a copy of SESChange
  2. plug your AWS credentials into settings/s3_credentials.yml.example and copy it to settings/s3_credentials.yml
  3. Go into your project root and $ ruby ses_change.rb

Gem Dependencies

  • rubygems
  • sinatra
  • aws/ses
  • erb