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NodeBots Day July 29, 2017

Each year our community around the world gather on a single day to learn and make together. We call this NodeBots Day! This year it's on July 29, 2017

NodeBots Day is world wide event where people learn how to control the physical world with JavaScript. We want you to leave with the satisfaction of making something awesome! Each event has experts on hand to help you build your project and start you on the path to building awesome devices. Overall we're going to get together, collaborate and hack. The focus of NodeBots Day is on sharing and enjoying each other's company and JavaScript. Lots of JavaScript.

Follow @nodebots and @nodebotsday for more info.

Want to attend an event?

Check out to find an event near you.

Worldwide Community

After the first NodeBots event at JSConf US 2013, there was a desire to take the community atmosphere and spread it around the world, ideally engaging many into Node and NodeBots and strengthening the local communities. There are now many NodeBots groups that meet regularly throughout the world.


Want to organize a local NodeBots Day event. You should!

2017 Locations! Signing up New Locations Now!

Event Location Map: events.geojson






North America

Central America

South America


Nodebots attracts a large collection of Makers, Web Developers, Students, and Engineers. Each Event has a slightly different crowd, but they are all unique opportunities to reach a strong community of people who do interesting stuff. If you're interested in contributing to an event, please consider hosting a space, contributing hardware to hack on, and/or providing snacks and food. Please see #192 and contact an event near you!


  • Organizer's Hangouts. These were immensely helpful last year. We'll start a regular cadence. Be sure to watch this repo and join the mailing list to be notified of times. We'll start a biweekly hangout in May.