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International NodeBots Day - 7/25/2015
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NodeBots Day July 25 2015

NodeBots Day is back for 2015. We'll join together across the world to create and learn.

NodeBots Day is not a hackathon. There will be no prizes other than the satisfaction of making something awesome! There will be very little in the way of talks. We're going to get together, collaborate and hack. The focus of NodeBots Day is on sharing and enjoying each other's company. And JavaScript. Lots of JavaScript.

Follow @nodebotsday for more info.


Want to organize a local NodeBots Day event. You should!

Worldwide Comm

With NodeBots 2013 @dshaw's goal was to help take the community atmosphere of JSConf and translate it into something that would build and strenghthen local communities. In addition to NodeBots SF there are now many NodeBots groups that meet regularly throughout the world.

This year let's take things a step further and connect the local events. If you'd like to help connect everybody, please volunteer.

2015 Locations (TO BE ANNOUNCED)

Latin America

Montevideo, Uruguay

Organizers: @kryz, @pricco, @molivera,
Location: Sophilabs, 2517 Prudencio de Pena, Montevideo, Uruguay
Hours: 10am - 4pm GTM-3

2014 Locations

North America

San Francisco, CA

Organizers: @dshaw, @rockbot, @stevesgill,
Location: Adobe SF, 601 Townsend St (7th St), San Francisco, CA 94103
Hours: 10am - 5pm PT
Discount Codes:
└[ ∵ ]┘ FREE - $0 Ticket - Can't swing $10 for reasons, please feel free to help out in other ways.
[┐∵]┘ SOLID - $50 Ticket - NodeBots SF is awesome! I want to contribute more.

You can contribute too. Ping @dshaw if you're interested in sponsoring NodeBots Day in SF. We have space for additional hardware and food/drinks sponsors.

Norfolk, VA

Organizers: @lynnaloo, @beauturner, @tjwebb, @bmf, @stanzheng, Tom Wilk
Location: 757 Makerspace, 421 W. 22nd Street Norfolk, Va 23517
Hours: 10am - 5pm EDT
Signup: Norfolk.js Meetup Page

Sponsors: We need sponsors! Tweet any organizer

Participating in Norfolk, VA? Click Here

Austin, TX (Y'all)

Organizers: @kassandra_perch, @pierceray, @dylants, @austinnodebots
Location: RetailMeNot, Inc Headquarters, 301 Congress Ave.
Date: July 27th, 2014
Hours: 9AM - 5PM
Signup: (SOLD OUT)
More Info:

We can always use more sponsors! Email kassandra [a]!

Houston, TX

Organizers: @pandafulmanda, @rookieone, @HoustonJS
Location: TX/RX Labs, directions
Hours: 9am - 5pm CDT
Sponsors: TBD

Las Vegas, MV (Meowada)

Organizers: @makenai, @noopkat, @godzirra
Location: Pololu Robotics and Electronics
Hours: Saturday, July 27th. 10am - 6pm PDT
Sponsors: Pololu, Las Vegas Hardware Startups,, Chase Adams

Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL

Organizers: @onel0p3z, @nightshiftc, @angel_cuemby
Location:PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Hours: 10AM - 5PM
Signup: Miami NodeJS
Sponsors: We need sponsors! Please email: onel0p3z [at]

Portland, OR

Organizers: @hackygolucky, @wraithan, @s5fs
Location: TBD
Hours: TBD
Signup: Coming SOON!
Sponsors: PDXNode, We need sponsors! Email @hackygolucky

Phoenix/Mesa, AZ

Organizers: @monteslu
Location: HeatSync Labs
Hours: 10AM - 5PM
Signup: Coming SOON!
Sponsors: IcedDev, Octoblu (AKA
└[ ∵ ]┘ FREE Arduino Unos to the first 25 registrants!


Organizers: @jorydotcom, @rwaldron
Location: Bocoup Loft
Hours: TBD
Signup Here
Sponsors: We love sponsors! email admin at bocoup dot com :)

Washington, DC

Organizers: @mcwhittemore, @cshenoy, @carolineawoods, @danielpazsoldan
Location: Fluencia Offices
Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM
Signup: NOW
Sponsors: Fluenca

Ottawa, ON

Organizers: @alanctgardner, @73rhodes, @sandeepmistry
Location: Adobe (Klondike Room), 343 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 1V6
Hours: 9am - 5pm
Signup: NodeBots Day Ottawa - Eventbrite
More info:
Sponsors: Toushay, contact @sandeepmistry if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

Latin America

Guatemala, GT

Organizers: @ykro, @zezzi, @wichogt
Location: Laboratorios 202 y 216, Universidad Galileo. 7ma avenida final Calle Dr. Suger, Zona 10
Hours: [9am - 1pm GMT-6]
Signup: NodeBots Guatemala
Sponsors: Universidad Galileo, Elemental Geeks + we need sponsors for hardware & food, email adriancatalan[at]

Medellín, CO

Organizers: @julian_duque, @zenedsadr, @MedellinJS

July 26

Location: Atom House Medellín
Hours: 9am - 5pm GMT-5
Signup: (SOLD OUT)

July 27

Location: Ruta N Medellín
Hours: 9am - 5pm GMT-5

Bogotá, CO

Organizers: @davsket, @buritica, @agar3s, @jorgezaccaro, @BogotaJS
Location: ViveLab Bogota Map
Date: Sunday, 27 July Hours: 10am - 5pm
Sponsors:, monoku, BlueHome, @buritica

São Paulo, SP

Organizers: @tadeuzagallo, @FilipeNevola, @0xFFranco
Location: Germinadora - Directions
Hours: 10am - 6pm GMT-3
Sponsors: Sponsors are still welcome! Email tadeuzagallo [at]

Distrito Federal, México

Organizers: @_Jurasec, @Siedrix, @Quirarte
Location: San Luis Potosí 211 Piso 8 Col.Roma CP06760 entre Medellin e Insurgentes, muy cerca de la estación de metrobús Sonora
Date: Saturday, 26 July
Hours: 9:00 AM - 14:00 PM
Signup: here
More info:
Sponsors:,, @AbrahamOrtiz13, @330ohms, we need sponsors for hardware too, jurasec[at]

Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Organizers: @makers_gdl, @techWomenC, @hackerGarage
Location: Vidrio #2184 Entre Simón Bolívar y Gral San Martin Col. Americana. CP. 44160 Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
Hours: TBD
Signup: Here
Sponsors: Makers GDL we need sponsors! Email techwomenc [at]


London, United Kingdom

Updates: @nodebotsuk
Organisers: @_alanshaw, @achingbrain, @olizilla
Location: uSwitch 36 Southwark Bridge Road, SE1 9EU
Date: Sunday, 27 July
Hours: 10 - 5pm
Kit: FootballBot!
Sponsors: Gladly accepted

Paris, France

Organiser: @gorhgorh ,you ?
Location: cité des sciences et de l'industrie
Date: saturday, 26 July
Hours: 11 - 6pm
Signup: Coming SOON!
Sponsors: carrefour numérique

Kazan, Russia

Organisers: @mansuleman
Location: NavigatorCampus (
Date: Sunday, 27 July
Hours: 10 - 5pm GMT +4
Sponsors: NavigatorCampus (

Lisbon, Portugal

Updates: @xicombd
Organisers: @xicombd, @igorsoarez, @luismreis
Location: Startup Lisboa, Rua da Prata, 80, 1100-420 Lisboa
Date: Saturday, 26 July
Hours: 15h00 - 19h00
Sponsor: CrowdProcess


Australia details

Follow @nodebotsau for updates

Brisbane, Australia

Organisers: @annagerber, @garrows
Location: The Edge, State Library of Queensland
Date: Saturday, 26 July
Hours: 12 - 6pm
Signup: Tickets available from $20
Sponsors: Location sponsored by State Library of Queensland and food and drink sponsored by

Melbourne, Australia

Organisers: @ajfisher
Location: NAB Village, 700 Bourke St.
Date: Saturday, 26 July
Hours: 10 - 4pm
Signup: Tickets from $20
Sponsors: Location sponsored by NAB Village and food and drink sponsored by PaperCut.

Sydney, Australia

Organisers: @damonoehlman
Location: NICTA, Technology Park
Date: Saturday, 26 July
Hours: 10 - 5pm
Signup: Tckets from $20
Sponsors: NICTA, we need a food & drink sponsor!


South Africa details

Follow @nodebotscpt for updates

Cape Town, South Africa

Follow: @nodebotscpt for updates Organisers: @avermeulen
Location: Cape Town Garage Woodstock Exchange, 4th Floor, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
Date: Saturday, 26 July
Hours: 10am - 5pm
Signup: Tickets R200
Sponsors: Food sponsored by Google Developer Cape Town We need more sponsors!


If you're interested in contributing to this event, please consider hosting a space, contributing hardware to hack on, and/or providing drinks, snacks and food.


  • Website: currently points back here. If you'd like to contribute to the website or add anything, please fork this repo and contribute.

  • Organizer's Hangouts. These were immensely helpful last year. We'll start a regular cadence. Be sure to watch this repo and join the mailing list to be notified of times. We'll start on Sunday, may

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