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Core to create fast image math in WebAssembly and JS.

multimath simplifies creation of small CPU-intensive webassembly modules with fallback to JavaScript implementations.

  • It cares about modules init, memory management and other things.
  • Has built-in helpers to write webassembly code without additional runtimes.
  • Use shared memory to chain webassembly calls without memory copy.

Built-in functions (curently - unsharp mask) are available as examples for your extensions.


npm install multimath


const mm = require('multimath')()

// Simple sync call. Will use sync wasm compile. Ok for webworkers.
// Can freeze interface at first call if wasm source is too big.
mm.unsharp_mask(rgba_buffer, width, height);

// Async init, compile all modules at once in async way.
mm.init().then(() => {
  mm.unsharp_mask(rgba_buffer, width, height);


new multimath(options)

Create library instance. Sugar - multimath() (without new).

const mm = require('multimath')({
  // Options are not mandatory, but you can disable js or ww
  // implementations for testing
  js:   true,
  wasm: true


Register new module, format is:

  name:     String,    // default wasm module & function name to expose
  fn:       Function,  // JS implementation
  wasm_fn:  Function,  // WebAssembly glue
  wasm_src: String     // Base64 encoded WebAssembly module

See example implementation in lib/ folder.

.init() -> Promise

Optional. Compile all wasm modules in async way. May be useful in this cases:

  1. If you have wasm module > 4K AND run multimath in the main thread (not in webworker). Some browsers prohibit sync wasm creation in this case.
  2. If you have a lot of small modules and wish to init everything before run in the main thread, withoutinterface freeze.

Probably, you will never need to use this method. Note, 3K was file is initialized in ~ 3ms.


All modules, loaded via .use(), pin their methods to current Multimath instance. The best implementation will be selected automatically (depends on browser features and constructor options);


Ways to go with your own modules:

  • Use ./support/ to install llvm/binaryen tools. Or use it as base for your own.
  • See Makefile
  • See ./lib/unsharp_mask as example and... of cause ./index.js.

Also, see how pica use this library.




WebAssembly wrapper to simplify fast math coding




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