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Better documentation for using jitsu behind a proxy, Fix #121

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@@ -136,6 +136,16 @@ If you need to have multiple configuration files, use --localconf or --jitsuconf
--jitsuconf [file] specify file to load configuration from
--noanalyze skip require-analyzer: do not attempt to dynamicially detect dependencies
+##jitsu behind proxy
+If you are behind a proxy and you haven't configured jitsu to use it, `jitsu` will throw an error, `Jitsu requires you to connect to Nodejitsu's stack (`.
+In order to solve this issue, you can configure jitsu to use a proxy by executing the following command.
+ jitsu config set proxy
+If you need to authenticate yourselves to the proxy, you can try this command.
+ jitsu config set proxy
<a name="Libraries"></a>
## Libraries

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