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ChangeLog for: node-http-proxy

Version 0.10.0 - 3/18/2013

  • Breaking change: proxyResponse events are emitted on the HttpProxy or RoutingProxy instances as originally was intended in 0.9.x.

Version 0.9.1 - 3/9/2013

  • Ensure that webSocketProxyError and proxyError both receive the error (indexzero).

Version 0.9.0 - 3/9/2013

  • Fix #276 Ensure response.headers.location is defined (indexzero)
  • Fix #248 Make options immutable in RoutingProxy (indexzero)
  • Fix #359 Do not modify the protocol in redirect request for external sites. (indexzero)
  • Fix #373 Do not use "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" header for proxied DELETE requests with no "Content-Length" header. (indexzero)
  • Fix #338 Set "content-length" header to "0" if it is not already set on DELETE requests. (indexzero)
  • Updates to and Examples (ramitos, jamie-stackhouse, oost, indexzero)
  • Fixes to ProxyTable and Routing Proxy (adjohnson916, otavoijr)
  • New API for ProxyTable (mikkel, tglines)
  • Add options.timeout for specifying socket timeouts (pdoran)
  • Improve bin/node-http-proxy (niallo)
  • Don't emit proxyError twice (erasmospunk)
  • Fix memory leaks in WebSocket proxying
  • Support UNIX Sockets (yosefd)
  • Fix truncated chunked respones (jpetazzo)
  • Allow upstream listeners to get proxyResponse (colinmollenhour)

Version 0.8.1 - 6/5/2012

  • Fix re-emitting of events in RoutingProxy (coderarity)
  • New load balancer and middleware examples (marak)
  • Docs updated including changelog (lot of gently people)

Version 0.8.0 - 12/23/2011

  • Improve support and tests for url segment routing (maxogden)
  • Fix aborting connections when request close (c4milo)
  • Avoid 'Transfer-Encoding' on HTTP/1.0 clients (koichik).
  • Support for Node.js 0.6.x (mmalecki)

Version 0.7.3 - 10/4/2011

  • Fix setting x-forwarded headers (jesusabdullah)
  • Updated examples (AvianFlu)

Version 0.7.0 - 9/10/2011

  • Handles to every throw-able resume() call (isaacs)
  • Updated tests, README and package.json (indexzero)
  • Added HttpProxy.close() method (indexzero)

Version 0.6.6 - 8/31/2011

  • Add more examples (dominictarr)
  • Use of 'pkginfo' (indexzero)
  • Handle cases where res.write throws (isaacs)
  • Handles to every throw-able res.end call (isaacs)

Version 0.5.11 - 6/21/2011

  • Add more examples with WebSockets (indexzero)
  • Update the documentation (indexzero)

Version 0.5.7 - 5/19/2011

  • Fix to README related to markup and fix some examples (benatkin)
  • Improve WebSockets handling (indexzero)
  • Improve WebSockets tests (indexzero)
  • Improve https tests (olauzon)
  • Add devDependencies to package.json (olauzon)
  • Add 'proxyError' event (indexzero)
  • Add 'x-forwarded-{port|proto}' headers support (indexzero)
  • Keep-Alive connection supported (indexzero)

Version 0.5.0 - 4/15/2011

  • Remove winston in favor of custom events (indexzero)
  • Add x-forwarded-for Header (indexzero)
  • Fix WebSocket support (indexzero)
  • Add tests / examples for WebSocket support (indexzero)
  • Update .proxyRequest() and .proxyWebSocketRequest() APIs (indexzero)
  • Add HTTPS support (indexzero)
  • Add tests / examples for HTTPS support (indexzero)

Version 0.4.1 - 3/20/2011

  • Include missing dependency in package.json (indexzero)

Version 0.4.0 - 3/20/2011

  • Update for node.js 0.4.0 (indexzero)
  • Remove pool dependency in favor of http.Agent (indexzero)
  • Store buffered data using .buffer() instead of on the HttpProxy instance (indexzero)
  • Change the ProxyTable to be a lookup table instead of actively proxying (indexzero)
  • Allow for pure host-only matching in ProxyTable (indexzero)
  • Use winston for logging (indexzero)
  • Improve tests with async setup and more coverage (indexzero)
  • Improve code documentation (indexzero)

Version 0.3.1 - 11/22/2010

  • Added node-http-proxy binary script (indexzero)
  • Added experimental WebSocket support (indutny)
  • Added forward proxy functionality (indexzero)
  • Added proxy table for multiple target lookup (indexzero)
  • Simplified tests using helpers.js (indexzero)
  • Fixed uncaughtException bug with invalid proxy target (indutny)
  • Added configurable logging for HttpProxy and ProxyTable (indexzero)
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