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## Looking to Upgrade from 0.8.x ? Click [here](
### Core Concept
A new proxy is created by calling `createProxyServer` and passing
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`caronte` is a from-scratch implementation of `http-proxy` and, as such
brings some breaking changes to APIs.

## Server creation

Available through `.createServer()` or `.createProxyServer()`.
Check the for a more detailed explanation of the parameters.

## Proxying

Web proying is done by calling the `.web()` method on a Proxy instance. Websockets
are proxied by the `.ws()` method.

## Error Handling

It is possible to listen globally on the `error` event on the server. In alternative, a
callback passed to `.web()` or `.ws()` as last parameter is also accepted.

## Dropped

Since the API was rewritten to be extremely flexible we decided to drop some features
which were in the core and delegate them to eventual "user-land" modules.

- Middleware API
- ProxyTable API

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indexzero commented on db12f6c Dec 20, 2013

@yawnt Nice start. A good next step would be to flesh it out with code examples and more specific language. This is a great place to look:

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