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(dechartered) Intl Working Group

Intl logo

This WG has been dechartered

Please see nodejs/i18n for current activity

(content kept for archival purposes)


The Intl Working Group is dedicated to support and improvement of Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n) in Node.js.

This WG's responsibility would be the implementation of internationalization support (including but not limited to Ecma-402) within Node.js itself, as well as ensuring compliance with standards such as Unicode, CLDR, and other globalization efforts.

Internationalization here refers to the ability for Node.js to properly process textual content written in human languages (for example, Unicode character processing) as well as to provide services which respect the user’s cultural and socio-linguistic preferences (such as the particular way that dates and times would be displayed).

Localization here refers to the ability for Node.js and its modules and applications to be actually translated into specific human languages. It is the responsibility of this WG to provide the infrastructure necessary to allow such translations to take place, such as message bundles and message formatting.

Note, however it is not in the scope of this WG to perform the actual translation (or localization) of Node.js, its documentation and websites, nor of modules or applications built using Node.js.

Specifically, this mission is distinct from that of the various i18n working groups that are involved with translation of various project assets such as documentation and the website to benefit the global community.

In summary, this WGs responsibilities are:

  1. Functionality & compliance (standards: ECMA, Unicode…)
  2. Support for Globalization and Internationalization issues that come up in the tracker
  3. Guidance and Best Practices
  4. Refinement of existing Intl implementation

Example items in scope

Liaison relationships

The WG will pursue formal or informal relationships with other WGs or other bodies as appropriate, which may include but is not limited to:

  • v8 Intl engineering group
  • W3C Internationalization group
  • jQuery globalize

Items out of scope

The Intl Working Group is not responsible for, but may benefit from interaction/liaison with those interested in, the following:

  • Translation of Node.js documentation, messages, and other materials into specific languages.
  • Outreach and user assistance given to users in specific languages.

Current WG Members

  • Caridy Patiño (@caridy)
  • Daijirō Wachi (@watilde)
  • James Snell (@jasnell)
  • Kevin Jose Martin (@KevinMartin)
  • Michael Dawson (@mhdawson)
  • Rafael Xavier de Souza (@rxaviers)
  • Rick Waldron (@rwaldron)
  • Steven Atkin (@stevenatkin)
  • Steven R. Loomis (@srl295) Facilitator

If you would like to join this group, please comment on this issue or submit a pull request.