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Node.js Addon Examples

A repository of Node.js Addons examples.

Implementations of examples are named either after Node.js versions (node_0.10, node_0.12, etc), or Node.js addon implementation APIs:

  • nan: C++-based abstraction between Node and direct V8 APIs.
  • Node-API: C-based API guaranteeing ABI stability across different node versions as well as JavaScript engines. (Node-API was previously known as N-API.)
  • node-addon-api: header-only C++ wrapper classes which simplify the use of the C-based Node-API.

Implementations against unsupported versions of Node.js are provided for completeness and historical context. They are not maintained.

The examples are primarily maintained for Node-API and node-addon-api and as outlined in the Node.js documentation, unless there is a need for direct access to functionality which is not exposed by Node-API, use Node-API.

The Node-API Resource offers an excellent orientation and tips for developers just getting started with Node-API and node-addon-api.


The directory structure is as follows:

<name of example>
  +--- <implementation 1>
  |      |
  |      +--- files...
  +--- <implementation 2>
  .      |
  .      +--- files...

In each example's implementation subdirectory, run

$ npm install
$ node ./

to see the example in action.