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Note that require.paths is gone in 0.5

Rather than say it "may disappear", let's just be clear that it *has*
disappeared, and exactly how long it'll be supported for.
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@@ -248,9 +248,10 @@ Loading from the `require.paths` locations is only performed if the
module could not be found using the `node_modules` algorithm above.
Global modules are lower priority than bundled dependencies.
-#### **Note:** Please Avoid Modifying `require.paths`
+#### **Note:** Please Avoid Using `require.paths`
-`require.paths` may disappear in a future release.
+`require.paths` will only be supported through the end of the v0.4
+stable branch. It is removed from node as of v0.5.
While it seemed like a good idea at the time, and enabled a lot of
useful experimentation, in practice a mutable `require.paths` list is

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