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src,worker: fix race of WorkerHeapSnapshotTaker
Any WorkerHeapSnapshotTaker instance should be fully owned
by main thread. Remove buggy access to it from the worker thread.

PR-URL: #44745
Fixes: #44515
Reviewed-By: Anna Henningsen <>
Reviewed-By: James M Snell <>
Reviewed-By: Juan José Arboleda <>
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ywave620 authored and danielleadams committed Oct 11, 2022
1 parent 4c869c8 commit a33cc22
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Showing 2 changed files with 37 additions and 14 deletions.
4 changes: 3 additions & 1 deletion src/base_object.h
Expand Up @@ -232,7 +232,9 @@ inline T* Unwrap(v8::Local<v8::Value> obj) {
// circumstances such as the GC or Environment cleanup.
// If weak, destruction behaviour is not affected, but the pointer will be
// reset to nullptr once the BaseObject is destroyed.
// The API matches std::shared_ptr closely.
// The API matches std::shared_ptr closely. However, this class is not thread
// safe, that is, we can't have different BaseObjectPtrImpl instances in
// different threads refering to the same BaseObject instance.
template <typename T, bool kIsWeak>
class BaseObjectPtrImpl final {
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47 changes: 34 additions & 13 deletions src/
Expand Up @@ -771,28 +771,49 @@ void Worker::TakeHeapSnapshot(const FunctionCallbackInfo<Value>& args) {
->NewInstance(env->context()).ToLocal(&wrap)) {
BaseObjectPtr<WorkerHeapSnapshotTaker> taker =
MakeDetachedBaseObject<WorkerHeapSnapshotTaker>(env, wrap);

// The created WorkerHeapSnapshotTaker is an object owned by main
// thread's Isolate, it can not be accessed by worker thread
std::unique_ptr<BaseObjectPtr<WorkerHeapSnapshotTaker>> taker =
MakeDetachedBaseObject<WorkerHeapSnapshotTaker>(env, wrap));

// Interrupt the worker thread and take a snapshot, then schedule a call
// on the parent thread that turns that snapshot into a readable stream.
bool scheduled = w->RequestInterrupt([taker, env](Environment* worker_env) {
heap::HeapSnapshotPointer snapshot {
worker_env->isolate()->GetHeapProfiler()->TakeHeapSnapshot() };
bool scheduled = w->RequestInterrupt([taker = std::move(taker),
env](Environment* worker_env) mutable {
heap::HeapSnapshotPointer snapshot{

// Here, the worker thread temporarily owns the WorkerHeapSnapshotTaker
// object.

[taker, snapshot = std::move(snapshot)](Environment* env) mutable {
[taker = std::move(taker),
snapshot = std::move(snapshot)](Environment* env) mutable {
HandleScope handle_scope(env->isolate());
Context::Scope context_scope(env->context());

AsyncHooks::DefaultTriggerAsyncIdScope trigger_id_scope(taker.get());
BaseObjectPtr<AsyncWrap> stream = heap::CreateHeapSnapshotStream(
env, std::move(snapshot));
Local<Value> args[] = { stream->object() };
taker->MakeCallback(env->ondone_string(), arraysize(args), args);
}, CallbackFlags::kUnrefed);
AsyncHooks::DefaultTriggerAsyncIdScope trigger_id_scope(taker->get());
BaseObjectPtr<AsyncWrap> stream =
heap::CreateHeapSnapshotStream(env, std::move(snapshot));
Local<Value> args[] = {stream->object()};
env->ondone_string(), arraysize(args), args);
// implicitly delete `taker`

// Now, the lambda is delivered to the main thread, as a result, the
// WorkerHeapSnapshotTaker object is delivered to the main thread, too.
args.GetReturnValue().Set(scheduled ? taker->object() : Local<Object>());

if (scheduled) {
} else {

void Worker::LoopIdleTime(const FunctionCallbackInfo<Value>& args) {
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