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doc: add Support section in README

Add a Support section, borrowing heavily from wp-cli project.

Move stuff about contributing to Node.js to the bottom as vastly more
users are interested in using Node.js and getting help with Node.js than
contributing to Node.js. Information still belongs, just not at the top.
(Many people will know to look in anyway.)

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@@ -19,13 +19,10 @@ policies, and releases are managed under an
**This project is bound by a [Code of Conduct][].**
If you need help using or installing Node.js, please use the
[nodejs/help]( issue tracker.
# Table of Contents
* [Resources for Newcomers](#resources-for-newcomers)
* [Support](#support)
* [Release Types](#release-types)
* [Download](#download)
* [Current and LTS Releases](#current-and-lts-releases)
@@ -39,25 +36,29 @@ If you need help using or installing Node.js, please use the
* [Collaborators](#collaborators)
* [Release Team](#release-team)
## Resources for Newcomers
## Support
Node.js contributors have limited availability to address general support
questions. Please make sure you are using a [currently-supported version of
### Official Resources
When looking for support, please first search for your question in these venues:
* [Website][]
* [Node.js Website][]
* [Node.js Help][]
* [Contributing to the project][]
* IRC (node core development): [#node-dev on][]
* [Open or closed issues in the Node.js GitHub organization](
* [Questions tagged 'node.js' on StackOverflow][]
If you didn't find an answer in one of the venues above, you can:
### Unofficial Resources
* Join the **unofficial** [#node.js channel on][]. See
<> for more information.
* IRC (general questions): [#node.js on][]. Please see
<> for more information regarding the `#node.js` IRC
GitHub issues are meant for tracking enhancements and bugs, not general support.
_Please note that unofficial resources are neither managed by (nor necessarily
endorsed by) the Node.js TSC. Specifically, such resources are not
currently covered by the [Node.js Moderation Policy][] and the selection and
actions of resource operators/moderators are not subject to TSC oversight._
Remember, libre != gratis; the open source license grants you the freedom to use
and modify, but not commitments of other people's time. Please be respectful,
and set your expectations accordingly.
## Release Types
@@ -583,11 +584,17 @@ Previous releases may also have been signed with one of the following GPG keys:
Information on the current Node.js Working Groups can be found in the
[TSC repository](
### Contributing to Node.js
* [Contributing to the project][]
* IRC (node core development): [#node-dev on][]
[Code of Conduct]:
[Contributing to the project]:
[Node.js Help]:
[Node.js Moderation Policy]:
[#node.js on]:
[Node.js Website]:
[Questions tagged 'node.js' on StackOverflow]:
[#node.js channel on]:
[#node-dev on]:
[Code of Conduct]:

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