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Repository for work for discussion of helping with maintenance of key packages in the ecosystem.


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package-maintenance team

Repository for discussion on how to help ensure baseline maintenance and ability to safely use key packages in the ecosystem with current Node.js versions. You can find more about this initiative in the article: Call to Action: Accelerating Node.js Growth


  • Define and document how to prioritize which packages are key to the Node.js ecosystem, and how/what assistance can/should be provided. One key aspect is understanding what communication channels are needed in order to identify when specific issues are slowing migration from one Node.js version to another, or causing friction in the ecosystem.
  • Building and documenting guidance, tools and processes so businesses can identify the packages they depend on. Businesses can use the information to build a business case which supports both the organization and developers helping to maintain those packages.
  • Documenting a backlog and providing resources to help businesses identify how their developers can contribute, and get engaged. Developers can test and validate a workflow to help with issues slowing migration to Node.js 10.x.
  • Building, documenting and evangelizing guidance, tools and processes (for example LTS for modules) can make it easier for maintainers to manage multiple streams, and accept help from those who depend on their module.

For Maintainers

Are you a maintainer of an open source project looking for help and resources maintaining your package and community? To get you started,


Want to provide feedback on your experiences as a maintainer? Want to let us know what topic and tools you think would be helpful to pursue within this group? Open a PR to fill out this survey and the team will be sure to review and get in touch with you.


We encourage participation from members across the Node.js and JavaScript ecosystem. Feel free to join schedule meetings and participate in the issues within the repository.

How to Join

The package-maintenance team has two levels of membership. Administrative members and regular members.

If you'd like to be listed as regular team member, open a PR adding yourself to this along with a few words on how you are planning to contribute to the team's efforts.

Administrative members take on additional levels of responsibility with respect to managing the pkgjs organization and the other repositories managed by the working group. Administrative members should have a long standing involvement in the working group.

Individuals who have made significant contributions and who wish to be considered as an Administrative member may create an issue or contact an Administrative WG member directly. It is not necessary to wait for an Administrative WG member to nominate the individual.

For more details refer to the WG Governance document.



Meetings of the working group typically occur bi-weekly as shown on the the node.js project calendar. A few days before each meeting, an issue will be created with the date and time of the meeting. The issue will provide schedule logistics as well as an agenda, links to meeting minutes, and information about how to join as a participant or a viewer.


The working group can chat on the Node.js slack in the channel #package-maintenance in order to continue conversations beyond the meetings. All the contributors are expected to follow the Code of Conduct of the Node.js project.

To join on slack you have to send a request and wait to be accepted: it is a manual workflow, so it could take some days (we are working to help improve this).

Pull Request Merging Policy

The package maintenance team policy on landing a PR in the nodejs/package-maintenance repository is for there to be:

  • At least 4 approvals from regular members
  • No blocking reviews
  • 7 day period from the 4th approval to merging

All PRs shall follow the contributions policy

Current Project Team Members

Emeritus Project Team Members

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Repository for work for discussion of helping with maintenance of key packages in the ecosystem.




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