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WildDuck Mail Service

What is this?

This is the default web service for WildDuck email server. The web service uses the Wild Duck API to manage user settings and preview messages.

Live demo

There's a live demo up at – you can register a free email address and try it out as a real email account.


Assuming that you have WildDuck email server already running (check out quick setup):

$ npm install
$ npm run bowerdeps
$ node server.js

You can also create an additional service specific configuration file that would be merged with the default config.

$ node server.js --config="/etc/wildduck/www.toml"

After you have started the server, head to http://localhost:3000/


Message verification

Message verification displays information about DKIM signature, SPF domain and TLS status in the last hop of transit.

Everything is OK:

Sender did not use TLS


European Union Public License 1.1 or later.