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alpha V0.02

A minimalistic live-coding sequencer in PureData. The sequencer receives data via socket-connection - ready for live-coding with text, i.e. with Ruby, JavaScript or other scripting languages.

The sequencer aims at generating MIDI-Data. So be sure, that you have setup, that is ready to receive incoming MIDI-data - no matter if this is hardware, a software host or another PureData-Instrument.


Here is a hands-on video, that explains the basic workflow

You can take a look at the dev-board at Trello! Feel free to submit your feature-requests or bugs...


Requirements: Puredata-Extended and Ruby with required ruby gems

Open PureData-Patch "supersonic.pd". You can to this from console as well with 'open supersonic.pd'.

Configure the MIDI-Settings in your PureData-Environment.

Then start supersonic with "ruby supersonic.rb". An irb with supersonic-commands opens.

SuperSonic connects to a pure-data patch, listening to a TCP-Socket on the localhost. The port is per default 3000.

If you need to connect to another host or port, then you will configure it like this:

  • Open the PD-patch and edit the port in the netreceive module.
  • Start the supersonic-irb console with 'ruby supersonic --host myhost --port myport'
Type "man" (or "m" or "manual") for some help on the commands

Example to send data to PD from irb:

  • pd.send("write ch1 60 0 0 0 60 0 0 0 60 0 0 0 60 0 0 0") - Send 16 midi-notes to step-sequencer at midi-channel 1
  • pd.send("start") - Start the sequencer
  • pd.send("stop") - Stop the sequencer
  • pd.send("bpm 140") - Set bpm to number provided


This project was started by Martin "Nodepond" Wisniowski ( in January 2014 after a discussion with Thömmes "Slogmen" Schrader ( about Raspberry Pi, Ruby and LiveCoding.

SuperSonic is maintained by Martin Wisniowski, with hands-on and feedback from T. Schrader and the PureData UserGroup Cologne (


A minimalistic live-coding sequencer in PureData and Ruby.


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